Sunday, December 12, 2010

Google Adsense Help: Tips To Increase Google Adsense Program Income

As a website owner, I am sure you have heard of earning steady income with google adsense program.

Yet many don't know how to create a steady google adsense revenue stream and may need google adsense help to enhance their google adsense program income.

So here's some simple google adsense help which will allow you to increase your google adsense program income.

Blend in your google adsense program ads

If you ever tried placing an advertisement with a newspaper, you would be familiar with the fact that print publications tend to reserve a particular typeface for their editorial content while they allow you as an advertiser to choose only other typefaces.

This is because publications tend to differentiate their editorial content from their advertisements and advertorials.

The main reason for this is of course that generally, readers place great value on editorial content and in order to respect this trust, a publication tries to differentiate its editorial content from it ads.

Thus, when a reader looks at a newspaper, he can easily tell which is an advertorial and which is editorial content generated by the publication with its team of reporters.

As a norm, advertisers like to disguise their advertisements and pass them off as editorial while publications would like to retain a separate identity for their editorial content in order to meet the news integrity expected by their readers.

Google adsense help: How websites are different from publications

Publications, particularly prized publications, can afford to maintain this distinction as they get paid by not only advertisers but also by their readers.

However, if you are a website owner, your main source of income is likely to be advertisements, since you are likely to attract visitors with free content from whom you hope to make advertising revenue, delivered, among other things, by the google adsense program.

Hence unlike a publication paid for by the readers, your goal would be to blend in your google adsense program ads into the content of your website, so that your visitors are not able to differentiate your content from the content of the google adsense program.

Blend in your google adsense program ads visually

So how do you blend in your google adsense ads? This is where a little google adsense help comes in useful.

Your site theme has a color scheme. This scheme includes the color of the background and the color of the text on this background.

Now google adsense program ads too have a color scheme. The background of the google adsense program ads have a color. So also do the link texts in the ads.

As a site owner, the best way in which you can blend in the editorial and advertising content of your google adsense program ads and the content on your site is to try and match the colors on the ads with the colors on your site.

Thus, try to match the border of your google adsense program ads boxes with the colors on your website. Similarly, if the text on your website is in black on a white background, choose similar colors for your google adsense program boxes.

This google adsense help should help you to increase your income from your google adsense program.