Saturday, December 5, 2009

How to Blog For Money: Content ! Content! Content!

While the origins of blogging are rooted in passion for making one’s own statement loud and clear through the digital media, blogging today has become a competitive business, with large number of bloggers clamoring for attention.

Understandably, those who can make themselves be visible and be heard, carry a much higher premium than those who are not as reachable or lie buried under tons of electronic material that clogs the Internet everyday.

Blogging per se, does not create any incomes, but people who command a high value in the blogging world cash in on the interest—or traffic—their blogs generate.

Thus, if a blog is able to interest a large number of people, then advertisers are willing to advertise on the blog site.

Another mode of monetizing a blog is sell products through it. In this case, a blogger is not dependent on sponsors to see value in advertising on his site. Instead, he acts as the middle man who is driving traffic that his blog generates to the sales pages of those who have a product to sell but do not have the requisite traffic.

In this case, the blogger acts as an affiliate for a product and earns commission for his efforts to promote other people’s products.

Now the question arises to why anyone would want to visit a blog time and again?

Whichever way you look at it, the answer time and again in Content! Content ! Content!

If you are familiar with the print or broadcast media, you would see the parallels. Unless there are readers, there are no advertisers and if there are no advertisers, the sustainability of the operation itself is in question.

So at the end of the day, if one had to summarize on the back of a visiting card how to blog for money on the Internet—or for the matter any form of publishing—the answer is just one word—Content.

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Indeed, content is king!

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